Faces are like silent movies – they project a picture that’s subject to the viewer’s interpretation!

Whether or not you know it, your face is saying something!

Whether we like it or not, we are living expressions of something or the other. We constantly convey certain messages, whether wittingly or unwittingly, through our words, body language or facial expression. Where ever we are, someone is reading into us. The first point of contact for most people is the face, which mirrors our thoughts and is supposed to betray our emotions. However, this is not always the case, because some people are born with features that lend their face a permanent expression, e.g some people look surprised, others look angry, while some others constantly look amused. I’ve seen people who look as if they’re about to break down and cry and others who look like they are about to cackle. And all this is purely an accident of nature!

This is often evident in the way people respond to us. As I do not wish to offend anyone, I’ll use myself as an example.

Large eyes lend the face a questioning expression.

I have large eyes that people describe as beautiful, coupled with naturally arched eyebrows that put beauty therapists out of business because they rarely need shaping. While these are pleasant features, one must admit that a combination of the two lend the face a surprised expression. As a result, I seem to have this permanent questioning look, as though I’m asking “huh?”

Not surprisingly, whenever I walk into a room or meet people for the first time, they somehow feel inclined to explain things to me. I walk into a bank and the person in front of me is suddenly compelled to explain what is going on. I stand next to food and someone suddenly feels the urge to tell me the ingredients. Somehow, everybody just wants to explain something or the other. I used to get offended, but after looking in the mirror long and hard, I realized my features seem to be pleading for answers. So  I’ve come to terms with the fact that where ever I go, someone will offer an explanation on issues that I am not the least bit concerned about.

Of course there are the friendly faces that put everyone at ease. Warm round eyes that seem to say, “you can trust me,” or “hey, take a seat and make yourself comfortable.” Two friends of mine have eyes like that, so strangers gravitate towards them and people warm up to them very easily. People flock towards such individuals like moths drawn to light.

 But then, some people’s features don’t exude that warmth. I have an acquaintance whose mouth is twisted in a permanent sneer and when he speaks, even a simple greeting sounds like a cruel insult. Naturally, he is the last person anyone will ask for anything. I feel sorry for the guy, because  he means well but his attempts at friendship are viewed suspiciously, as part of some insidious ploy to wound the next person’s ego.

Some people have very probing eyes that seem to see through the soul and can make the guilty confess. Eyes that seem to say “I know what you did,” and somehow seem to melt the most hardened of criminals. When such people walk into a room, naughty children scamper and try to quickly absolve themselves by shouting “it wasn’t me, it was him/her,” while pointing a finger at the next person.  Everyone around such people seems compelled to justify their actions.  

 Then there are those with cheeks that are curved into a smirk, constantly lending the face an amused expression and haughty look.  A look like this can be a confidence killer and makes people feel as if they are being mocked. I worked with a colleague who had such a look and somehow managed to push everyone into defensive mode without much effort.

I have seen people with features that, when combined, make one look as if they’re about to break into tears and compel people to offer words of comfort. If people stroke your arm and ask if everything is ok, then perhaps that is what your features are saying.

And there are those whose features make them look as it they are about to break into a whooping laugh. Pleasant features,  indeed, but it can be difficult for such people to convey serious messages because everyone might think they are joking.

So, before you complain about the way people respond to you, ask yourself, what unintended message are you sending?

So, what message is your face conveying?