This Cupid is a mischievous creature with a sardonic sense of humour!

This character called Cupid, certainly has a wry sense of humour!  In Roman mythology, Cupid (Latin cupido, meaning “desire”) is the god of desire, affection and erotic love. In painting and sculpture, Cupid is often portrayed as a nude or diapered winged boy or baby armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows. His deceptive innocent looks concealing a malicious heart. In popular culture Cupid is frequently shown shooting his bow to inspire romantic love, an image that has become the icon of Valentine’s Day. He is now in the current culture the personification of love and courtship in general.

I remember, as a child, watching a film of mythology, in which Cupid shot the arrow of love at a man and one of hate at a woman, so the man started chasing a woman who clearly had no interest in him. Meanwhile, Cupid stood back, watched and enjoyed the show. As children, we laughed too, after all, we did not know much about heart ache.

I do not remember the title of the film I watched, yet it had a profound impact on me.

Today, the image of the man chasing a woman who spurned his advances, while Cupid tittered, haunts me. Sadly, its not just men whose advances are spurned, women too, get rejected. Although we’ve grown over the years, Cupid

Men too, spurn the advances of women.

 hasn’t changed his approach and still enjoys shooting opposing arrows at people while he watches with a snigger. Otherwise, why would it be, that sometimes love is one-sided. Ever noticed that sometimes the person you’d give anything for is the least bit interested in you, while those you really don’t want trip over each other flocking towards you? Sometimes the person you want to shower with attention and affection, does not even acknowledge your existence, let alone wish to be part of your world!

 Such is the irony of Cupid’s arrow!

People endure untold suffering and intolerable levels of humiliation, all in the name of love for individuals who do not care at all. I’ve seen women throw themselves at the feet of men who trampled all over them like doormats. In some cases, women pine for men who are not even aware of their existence. Some have given up their hard earned wealth to men who did not even feel the slightest inkling of affection towards them, only to be dumped after the resources had been depleted. I’ve had friends whimper and weep over men who would not give them a second glance.

I’ve seen men endure untold suffering for the love of a woman who did not care at all.

Of course the same goes for men, I’ve seen them too, go through untold suffering for the love of a woman who did not care at all. I know of men who changed their course in life and gave up promising careers and a great life, just to be with the woman of their dreams – only to be cheated. I’ve seen men inspired and motivated to work and make fortunes in the hope that they could please a woman who then turned round and gave her vows to someone who was exactly the opposite. Painful as this might be, it is amusing in a rather twisted sort of way.

In the final analysis, one can certainly say Cupid’s arrow is a double-edged sword that slices both the hearts of men and women with intense cruelty. And Cupid is a mean creature with a twisted sense of humor!