As a blogger one is expected to blog – which I haven’t done in nearly six months. So when a 30 day challenge to blog everyday was posted, I decided to take it on. There’ll be no prize at the end of the challenge and no one is going to hold me accountable, but I still think I should go for it. I honestly don’t know if I’ll maintain the momentum, but it’s certainly worth a try.

At the end of it all, at least one thing would have happened. I would have written daily. Whether people read my posts or not is another matter, but l know I’ll still benefit and grow from the practice of writing daily, assuming I remain true to the goal.

Today’s blogging challenge is to write 20 facts about me.

A whooping twenty facts! Whooaaaa, now that’s a lot, but here goes.

I don’t usually write or talk about myself unless it’s absolutely necessary and there is a reason for that. People who talk about themselves all the time are both narcissistic and boring – at least that’s my opinion. I don’t want to be either of those so I prefer to focus on issues rather than people.

However, for today and in line with the challenge, I will write 20 facts about myself. This feels awkward because my English teachers always encouraged us to refrain from having too many sentences with “I” when writing. However, today is an exception in many ways, so some writing and personal rules will be broken.

One thing I know about myself for sure is that I value my individuality and respect that of others. Naturally, I expect everyone to do exactly the same. Often, where most others dictate, I would rather give people options in line with their individual preferences. This is sometimes misinterpreted as weakness and the inability to make decisions, which is not the case, I really do believe in people’s right to choose as I trust that they know what’s best for them. Similarly, I expect my right of choice to be respected.

bookwormI love reading and sometimes would much rather bury myself in a good book than be around people who talk incessantly about topics that I’m not particularly interested in. A significant chunk of what I read influences who I am. Books and powerful women’s profiles are my vicarious mentors.

For example, in the book “I know why the caged bird sings,” Maya Angelou described St. Francisco as like being like the type of woman she wanted to be: “Friendly but never gushing, cool but not frigid or distant, distinguished without the awful stiffness” (180). As I read this line, I remember thinking to myself, “I’d like to be that kind of woman too.” Since then I’ve developed a new tendency to exercise restraint whenever I catch myself gushing and I am conscious of being cool without being frigid and distinguished minus being stiff.

My love for reading began at a very early age. The first book I remember owning and reading was a gift from a school that had had turned me down. They consoled my mother by giving me a book called “Sally’s surprise,” although I cannot remember the name of the author. After reading that book I developed a hunger for reading that has never been satiated since then. When I haven’t read in a while, I become edgy and irritable. I always need time alone to read and I once dumped a guy who wouldn’t leave me alone long enough to read. I still dump friends and acquaintances who don’t invest in reading and encroach on my reading time.

The flip side of my long-standing affair with reading is my love for writing – although I don’t write as often as I would like to. Still, writing is therapeutic for me and pouring my thoughts and emotions on paper beats talking to a counsellor. It gives me a sense of release that I can’t get from anywhere else and sometimes, that is my sole motivation for writing – self therapy.

My first book to be published, “Enhancing Social Marketing in Zimbabwe: Some Critical Lessons and Experiences for Africa’s Civil Society,” is an academic book and is based on my Master’s thesis.

I have a love-hate relationship with food. Some days I love it, some days I hate it. Once upon a time, I guess on the days when the hate for food was more intense, I wished someone, somewhere would invent a tiny tablet packed with all the nutrients needed for a meal that we could take once a day, then we wouldn’t have to eat food. That wish occasionally resurfaces…

Ignorance is not bliss has been my maxim for the most part of my adult life. If I could, I would start an education fund that helps people to earn an education. I still hold that aspiration and believe one day it shall be fulfilled.

In my previous life I attended a lot of meetings. During meetings that were particularly looooooooong and boring, I entertained myself by imagining we were all dogs and I assigned breeds to people depending on how they conducted themselves. I’d sometimes see myself as a Maltese poodle – my favourite breed. The cartoon running in my head kept me awake and attentive and was certainly more environmentally friendly than doodling on a note pad.

When I saw today’s writing challenge, my first thought was to list 20 facts and number them – but I decided against it. So, tucked in these ramblings are 20 facts about me and hope you enjoyed reading them!