dream-job2About a year ago, I had a board meeting with myself. I needed to change my job but before moving on, it was important to define what I want. The board meeting entailed taking time to think through my career, define what I want and plan for the future.

Having clarified my thoughts, I established that I love writing, enjoy delving into research and unveiling little known facts that benefit people, need room for creativity, value interacting with people and telling their stories but above all, impacting other people’s lives through my work.

Beyond being well remunerated and growing in my career, positively impacting other people’s lives is my greatest reward.

The impact usually varies. For instance, it could be as simple as a woman in a remotely located village deciding to get her child vaccinated against a killer disease because she read about the benefits of immunization in a story that I wrote, or a senior government official making a policy change after being lobbied through materials that I’ve researched on and written.

dream-jobWhatever the circumstances, one can safely conclude that my ideal job is one where I positively impact the lives of other people through writing. Thankfully clarifying my thoughts proved a useful exercise. Having clarified what I wanted, helped me to avoid wasting time applying for jobs that I would not enjoy. After some months, I landed my dream job.  I have a job where I do a combination of what I love and what I am good at, while being paid well. In short, I have my ideal job at the moment and am enjoying my role in transforming lives through writing.