I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamt that I was among 11 people from different countries and we were sitting in a waiting area similar to one at an airport.

I don’t know what we were waiting for or where we were going, but there we were.

The interesting part of the dream was that if you did something horrible to another person, a calamity similar to the natural disasters that your country is prone to would immediately befall you.

So, if your country is prone to avalanches, you’d immediately be snowed in, right there, in that room! If your country is prone to veld fires, your hair would be singed instantly and if you’re from a flood prone place you’d be soaked in water in a moment!

Only a few people in the dream misbehaved and instantly experienced the consequences of their mischief. I was not among them, just a silent observer in all this.

Not sure why on earth I’d have such a strange dream, but wonder if somewhere in my subconscious mind I felt let down by someone.

I’m not sure what Sigmund Freud would make of this dream, but here’s what I think…

First, in this world that is a global village, we meet all sorts of people from diverse backgrounds. Considering that only a few people misbehaved, my conclusion is that the majority of people on this planet are kind and well meaning.

However, there will always be a few nasty people. I will not use the cliché of a rotten apple in the midst of many good ones, but that’s a fact of life.
Pareto had it right with the 80/20 rule. In this case though, it’s the 80 per cent that are good and 20 per cent that are mean.

Secondly, there are consequences to our behavior, whether good or bad.

Lastly, our transportation to our destination eventually arrived and it was time to go.

The conclusion?

We meet all kinds of people, some good and others bad, some will mess you up but most are too busy getting on with their lives and at some point we all move on and life goes on.

So, just be kind to people, you have nothing to lose a world of possibilities to gain!