Blogging Challenge: Day 9 – What’s in your handbag

Ooooh, this challenge is becoming increasingly personal, pushing me to share more and more intimate details about my life.

For most people sharing such details is probably normal, but for very private individuals who are introverts like me it’s a lot to ask.

Anyway, here goes – and note, these are essential.

A book to read.

A Prison Diary.jpgIn my case it’s “A prison diary” volume III by Jeffrey Archer
This is the latest book I’m reading and I’ve just started it. So far, it’s interesting, but then again, I love Jeffrey Archer and enjoy everything he writes. This helps to fend off boredom in case I find myself with extra time on my hands, e.g in a service queue that is not moving.

Personal Organizer

Purchased in March 2013, my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet has become my reliable companion and personal assistant. I take it wherever I go and use it to organize my life. It has outlived most of my other gadgets and is extremely handy.

Mobile Phone

Mine is a Samsung A8. I’m sure it’s clear by now that I’m an android loyalist. This is my back up companion and most essential for communication.

Kleenex facial tissue pack

Absolutely necessary for all sorts of emergencies, the chief one being a sudden runny nose caused by an allergy or the urge to cry – although the latter hasn’t happened to me yet.


Another necessity in case the gadget battery dies while one is on the move, particularly given the unpredictability of life.


Always handy, in case of a change of plan – particularly on the social scene.

Used up boarding passes

Just returned to Harare from spending time with family in Bulawayo (the City of Kings) today and am yet to clean out my handbag. This is not essential but happens to be in my bag. However, they may be a useful alibi.

Black pocket diary

This is actually not mine. It’s my Mom’s. We had one of our quality time days and went shopping together. I was responsible for writing the to do and shopping lists and ticking our achievements. After running our errands, I packed the notebook in my handbag and forgot to return it to my mom. Nonetheless, it’s a must have. Sometimes technology fails and one must have a little booklet close at hand to note down important things.

Receipt for household items I bought today

This is self explanatory. Also not essential but happens to be in my bag. May be useful as proof of purchase in case of a complaint so may be good to keep them for some days.

Perfume, cosmetic and make up pouch

Yes, I’m a woman and love to smell good. So, in my pouch I have some fragrant scents locked up in tiny bottles. Armani mania – just a few drops left in the bottle, Armani code – virtually empty, Bvugari Jasmine Noir – now empty but still in my bag, Givenchy – Very Irresistible and Victoria’s Secret Escape mist. I also have vitamin E oil,  hand lotion and some make up items.

Septonia anti-bacterial wet wipes pack

Bacteria are lurking everywhere and its best to be safe and disinfect your hands frequently, especially before you eat! Sometimes we find ourselves far from clean water but need to snack or use clean hands. These wet wipes are very hand and easy to carry. I throw them everywhere, including my car, office, laptop and camera bags.


I guess the contents are the same for most people. Bank cards, identity documents, driver’s license and cash that I will only part with when I can’t swipe.


Of course, car and house keys.


Mostly for signing documents and in case technology fails and I have to write something in my little notebook.

Flash disk

In case there’s no internet connection and I need to save some information.

Glass case with two sets of daily disposable contact lenses

Self explanatory.

Emergency kit

Some accidents can be avoided by carrying an emergency case like this one. This hasn’t just saved me, but also comes in handy when fellow women find themselves in distress. The kit contains tampons and pads in all shapes and sizes in order to meet a broad range of needs – ie, mine and those of the next woman who may find herself in a situation. I was a girl guide and our motto was: “Be prepared.” Prior to that, I was a Brownie and our motto was: “Lend a hand.” I guess those two mottos are deeply ingrained in my conduct.

So, in just over 700 words, I have publicized what I would normally consider to be private by sharing what’s in my handbag.