#BloggingChallenge Day 11: Ten of my favourite foods!

Not difficult to list my 10 favourite foods at all, but oh, just listing them makes me want to binge.

OK, here goes!

1. Ice-cream

roloI love ice-cream. Just thinking about it makes me want to drive to the shops and get some. I particularly like Nestle’s rolo ice-cream, a rich mix of chocolate infused with choc chip and toffee. Yummy…


2. Chocolate

This is my addiction. I understand it’s normal though for women to crave for chocolate, particularly towards the menstrual cycle. I love chocolate anytime, although I crave for it more at other times.

I remember a time when I’d get an uncontrollable craving for chocolate and my period would start just after I satisfied that craving. I became very curious and that’s when I read up on it and realized my cravings were normal. Some scientists argue that it is more psychological than physiological. Whatever the reason, I love chocolate!

I particularly like Cardbury’s milk chocolate and Lindt dark chocolate, especially when it partially melts from the warmth of my fingers before I eat it. There’s a limit though. I can only take 100g or less per day.

3. Custard

Milk, custard powder and a little brown sugar are a must have in my home. These three ingredients top my shopping list where ever I live for more than a month. I make my own custard, to the consistency that I like. Some days I like it thick and at other times I prefer to have it runny depending on what I’ll serve it with.

4. Banoffee Pie

banoffeeI don’t know how to make this, but the Bottom Drawer, a coffee shop in Harare, Zimbabwe makes the best Banoffee pies. Mmmmm, that luxurious topping of toffee, banana slices and whipped fresh cream in a crusty pie is enough to kill my weight loss goals. I only eat it once in a while though. Those ingredients, eaten too often, could easily push one towards obesity.

The Bottom Drawer also make lovely pot pies, another of my favorite foods.

5. Cake

Carrot cake is my favorite. My mom also makes lovely coconut chews and I bake the best ginger loaf. I guess because these have carrot, coconut and ginger, I can fool myself into believing I’m ingesting something healthy.

6. Seafood

paprika-garlic-prawns-and-calamari-88724-1I particularly like prawns and calamari. Strangely, I’m also allergic to prawns. For a long time I wondered why my mouth and throat itched every time I ate prawns. I assumed the problem was with the chef and the recipe, until sometime last year when I ate seafood immediately after a visit to the orthodontist which had resulted in a cut in my mouth. As my friend and I ate our scrumptious seafood dinner, my mouth started swelling. My friend watched in horror from across the table as my mouth changed shape with each mouthful.

Although my mouth itched intensely, I ate heartily and enjoyed my meal. I then realized that I was actually allergic to seafood and resolved to ensure that there are no cuts in my mouth whenever I eat it. A few days ago, I had my nails done before a seafood dinner. The finger that I used to pull the prawns from their shells itched and swelled as I ate. I guess I’ll have to eat seafood before I visit the orthodontist and manicurist. I can handle the itching but not the swelling.

7. Fish

However, it has to be deboned, coated in either batter or bread crumbs and ready to be thrown into the oven.

8. Fruits and vegetables

In spite of my terribly sweet tooth, I try to eat healthily. I try as much as possible to stick to a five a day diet, that is, a combination of five fruits and vegetables daily. The more colour I have in a meal, the healthier it is, so I try to include a variety of vegetables in each meal. I also snack on a fruit salad and make it with a minimum of three different fruits. I juice up a lot too, mixing at least two different fruits and herbs in my juices. I particularly like water melon, ginger and orange. I also like banana and avocado with milk, although I drink that alone – my family members find it disgusting. I also like to throw chopped fruits and raisins in my salads to sweeten them.

9. Ginger, lemon and honey mix

Java House in Kenya still makes the best dawa as they call it, but I’m getting there. I mix my own dawa and I believe it’s beginning to taste more and like the one at Java’s.

10. Nuts

nutsI love nuts, cashew, ground, pecan, almonds – you name it. I eat them raw, roasted, toasted in honey or boiled. I throw them in rice, cereal and stews just to give my food that crunch. At any given time, you’ll find me with a minimum of two types of nuts. My former boss once asked me if I lived on nuts – he’d never seen me eating anything else.

When I got my braces a year ago, the orthodontist advised me to avoid a number of hard foods, including nuts. I’ve stuck to most of his advice, except that which bars me from eating nuts. I learnt how to eat nuts with braces, thanks to a friend who also had braces at that time and would not give up her love for nuts.