#BloggingChallenge Day 10: The best trip of my life!

Jordan, March 2014….

I love travelling and have visited a number of countries. Each trip has it’s unique memories.

However, my trip to Jordan in March 2014 was particularly pleasant and memorable. Of course nothing is ever perfect and like all trips, it had its pros and cons. Most notable among the cons was the cost of the trip. The visit was particularly expensive because of the strength of the Jordanian Dinah, which made my US dollars quite worthless. At that time 1 JD was equivalent to US 70 cents and shopping was a nightmare.

Mt. Nebo. Photo: Wikipedia

Nonetheless, it was a memorable trip for one reason. It made the Bible come alive for me. It was interesting to actually see and be in places that I had only read about in the Bible in the past. Among these were Mount Nebo, where Moses was buried, the River Jordan where Jesus was baptized and the Dead Sea, where everything floats.


I also visited Jerash, the ruins of an ancient Roman City and for a while, I was taken back in time and immersed in a totally different world. The historical sites transported me to another era where I was able to appreciate past influences on modern architecture as I walked through the ruins of what was once a great city. As I was shown an old Roman grave, I realized the true meaning of the biblical statement about the “stone being rolled away.”

On my way to Jordan, I passed through Egypt where I saw the River Nile for the first time. I’ve since seen the Nile from other countries, but Egypt remains special as it was my maiden encounter with the majestic river.

I also went to the pyramids and visited a papyrus museum, where I had my name written in hieroglyphics.

The burial mask of Tutankhamun. Photo:Wikipedia

Being in Egypt was particularly significant for me from both a biblical and education perspective. Learning about Egypt was part of my form two history syllabus. It was fascinating to see facts that I had crammed to pass an examination at the age of 14 being transformed from dead text to real life as the tour guides and museum staff narrated their country’s history aided by the images and monuments that I was seeing. Names like Tutankhamun took on a new meaning as I was taken back in time.


I also rode on a camel. Although this was not my first camel ride, the significance of being in Egypt made the experience weightier than previous ones.

Afterwards, I was taken to a beauty spa and got a brief introduction to Cleopatra’s beauty secrets.

History and the Bible became palpable. They ceased to be text whose interpretation was confined to my limited imagination, and became real.

At the end of it all, I’m glad I went there and that trip remains among the most memorable of my wonderful travels.