Today, I was in good company. I strolled through the virtual park of other people’s blogs and encountered some interesting characters during my excursion. Here’s a sneak peek into who I met and how we spent the day.

First, I had breakfast at Becoming the Muse with @Beatonm5 and talked of Coffee with Jack of All Trades. We had a few laughs about his “twin toddler nephews who’ve just learnt the art of knocking on doors.” They sound really cute. I enjoyed the discussion on why baby clothes have pockets and was particularly enthralled by the beginning of the story rattling in his head. I’m waiting for it to be written and wonder how it will end…

While feeling a little bored later, I visited the virtual library on wordpress, where I flipped through various blogs and stopped at Debbie Gravett’s Toxic Love Affair. That struck a chord with me because I’m in exactly the same situation, although my toxic affair is far from over as I’m not quite ready to let go of my beloved chocolate.

I then figured it was time to pick up some new skills and got some ideas on 4 Ways to Learn Anything in 20 Hours from Time Magazine. I liked the suggestions offered, they sound practical e.g find a strategic way of learning and commit 45 minutes a day to it. I did the Maths and figured 20 hours broken down to 45 minutes a day comes to just under 27 days. Whooooa! I could learn Arabic in just under a month if I put this newly acquired strategy to use – assuming I do it properly. So, salaam aleikum – I’ll be perfecting my Arabic very soon thanks to these new skills I’ve read about.

Still strolling through Time Magazine, I stumbled on advice J. K. Rawlings had for her younger self. Interesting, but it doesn’t apply to me, so I moved on to another piece on whether acupuncture    works on dogs.

Later, I shed a tear as I read @Mablees’ letter to Alex on Growing Pains. A truly moving yet inspiring post.

Lastly, I strolled through AfroBloggers and read some profiles for some inspiration.

I’m not done yet. This was just for today, during those spare moments in between work and play. Unlike most people, I worked today as 1 May is not a holiday where I am.

My message to these wonderful bloggers whose blogs I visited today is a simple: thank you. I enjoyed your company. For a moment, my world was suspended as I entered yours and shared some of your thoughts and experiences. I must say the journey was both pleasant and refreshing. You guys rock. Keep doing what you’re doing, knowing that someone, somewhere appreciates your work and you can count me among the multitudes of readers that enjoy your blog.