WidowToday, 23 June, is International Widows’ Day. It is a day that recognizes widows and sets the spotlight on their plight. My mother was widowed a few days before my fifth birthday but managed to raise four children single handedly. This poem is dedicated to her and the many strong and resilient women who often have to rebuild their lives and raise children alone after the death of a spouse.

A Tribute to Widows

So, you met someone
He swept you off your feet
And turned your world
Upside down
You were madly in love
Caught up in your own world
You got married
And hoped to live happily ever after
But death’s cruel talons
Snatched him from your embrace
And took him to a world
That the living cannot access
A life built over years
Shattered in seconds
You were left alone
To face the world
Raise the children
Deal with the ostracism
Your kind often faces
And live with the cruel reality
Of his permanent absence
Yet you arose
Wounded but determined
You forged ahead
Picked up the pieces
Rebuilt your shattered world
And learnt to live again
Today the world celebrates you
Strong and resilient woman!

Matilda Moyo
23 June 2017

To learn more about the International Widows’ Day see: http://www.un.org/en/events/widowsday/

Photo source: http://bit.ly/2s31bkb