TealThe love affair began very subtly.

It was gradual but subtle and crept upon me, undetected, like a thief in the night. If I missed the steps and processes that come with courtship, I should be forgiven, for that can be attributed to the subtlety of how the love affair began.

I had always been in love with blue. Yes, blue was my colour, especially sapphire. My life was blue, any shade of blue, and I loved it. Green was good, but I never really thought about it. My mother loves green and so did my father before he died. Our kitchen at home is green and so was the lounge and my parents’ bedroom. So, much as I appreciated green, it was never my colour of choice. I liked it because my parents loved it, but beyond that, it had no impact on me. I would never go out of my way to buy anything green. In fact, if I owned anything green before this love affair began, it was because it was a gift or that was probably the only color available in the store. My purchase was probably influenced more by the design of the object rather than the color.

That was until now, when I discovered I had fallen in love with green.
I don’t quite know when and how the love affair began, but looking back , I can start piecing together some elements of that history.

In December 2014, after my mother returned from a holiday in the United Kingdom, she brought a whole lot of clothes for my sister, my nieces and I. Among them was a green spaghetti top that I instantly took to.

I started working my wardrobe around that single item because I just loved wearing it. In April 2015, I stumbled on a sleeveless top exactly the same shade of green and added this to my single-piece collection. Later in the year, in September I believe, I found yet another blouse in the exact same shade of green. Now I had three items. I then started discovering accessories in my jewelery box and my collection of scarves that blended well with the three green tops. In no time at all, I would wear no other colour, interchanging the greens and shopping for more items in that shade.

Slowly but steadily, the green collection grew to include shoes and sandals, then more scarves, then closed shoes, then eye shadow, then glass cases, a whole new suitcase collection and eventually a custom made handbag. That was when I knew I had fallen in love with green. I would not buy shoes or a handbag in any colour other than brown but suddenly, I could do it in green without batting an eyelid.

The realization of the love affair dawned on me several years after it began. I wore the same colour from Monday to Friday! That was totally unheard of in my previous life.

Now I know that I am in love and that affair is with the colour green.

Mind you it’s not just any shade of green, but the teal with an inclination towards green. I know there is some confusion about whether teal is green or blue as it borders both colours. That’s fine for me as I can straddle both colours. Never mind the definition and classification of the colour, I just know that I love it and I fell in love with it over time.

I don’t know how long the love affair will last, but for now I am content with being in love….